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ASD Aviation Spares Distribution GmbH is a service provider of component management and spare parts sales (particularly in the field of engines, wheels & brakes). Founded in 2010 with currently 19 employees and a turnover of more than 30 million EUR p.a. You will be served by experts with more than 25 years of experience in aviation industry, providing you with a maximum of flexibility and engagement.

We go the extra mile to make life of our customers easier by providing tailor-made solutions that are not only cost-effective, but also take our client's business goals into consideration, by being pro-active and efficient. Good business is based on mutual trust and respect and we always keep this in mind.

Located close to Frankfurt airport, one of the biggest airports worldwide, enables us to arrange shipments quickly and cost efficient - a big advantage, especially in the case of an AOG.

Hot Deals

Available Engines

We have several engines available from stock, as well as access to further pools of engines. They can be made available in a short period of time, benefiting from possibility to get them with fresh certification.

We also offer in cooperation with subcontractors a wide range of services related to engines, such as inspection (in shop & on-site), repair, short / long time preservation etc.

Special Offer

OH, 100% life
available for outright sale & exchange

Please feel free to give us your target price and we will try to match it.

P/N ESN Downloads
CFM56-3C1 ESN 726410 LLP data sheet
CFM56-5C4 ESN 740284 LLP data sheet
JT8D-219 ESN 725700 LLP data sheet
PW4000 Series
CF6-80 Series
PW100 Series

Wheels & Brakes Exchange Pool

We have an extensive pool on ATR, F100, MD80, A320 & A340 Wheels & Brakes, ensuring that our customers get a unit without any delay.

  • F100 Brake P/N 5011809-3
  • MD80 Brakes P/N 5004321-14 & P/N 5007898-3
  • A320 Brakes P/N C20225508 & C20225510
  • B737 Brake P/N 2-1474-7
  • ATR72 Brake P/N 20585711
  • A340 Brake P/N 2-1577-8
  • F100 Main Wheel P/N 5011166